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¬°Bienvenidos! is a UTEP Edge campaign to articulate and elevate a campus culture of student belonging, engagement, and lifelong success. By communicating with faculty both in and beyond the classroom, students will:

  • Improve their academic performance and degree completion;
  • Increase understanding of their disciplines and related career options;
  • Explore ideas and identify all of the opportunities and resources UTEP has to offer them.

We know that students should meet with their respective faculty members, not only when there is an issue or problem with their success in the course, but for mentoring opportunities:

  • Faculty-student interactions have a positive effect on both cognitive and emotional student development, as well as student satisfaction;
  • The increase of faculty-student interactions improves career choice, personal growth, and student persistence;
  • Faculty-student interactions outside the classroom improved motivation and learning.

The following Quick-Start Guide can help you with online office hours and considerations needed to be FERPA compliant.

1. Quick -Start Guide to Online Office Hours


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