How to Make a Great Lecture Video


Research not only suggests that instructor-made videos enhance students’ experience in online environments, but there are many additional benefits to pre-recording and creating asynchronous multimedia content for students.

We cannot rely solely on synchronous/real time teaching and learning. Inevitably, students sometimes have to miss class, or lack the access for synchronous tools such as webconferencing. If synchronous modes are the only means for students to access course content, we may be hindering student opportunities to learn and/or contributing to a greater digital divide. We also know that effective teaching means that we use differentiated instruction—varied strategies and ways of providing content—we know that no student learns solely from one pedagogical approach or consumes information in one way.

Pre-recording multimedia pieces can therefore be an effective way of providing lecture/course materials done in your real time and accessed by students asynchronously.  Faculty have more control and time over the lecture itself, and can edit, update, and fix mistakes. Students can pause, rewind, fast-forward, and have more agency on their learning.

This video will show you the best practices of recording yourself to use for your teaching.


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