Enhancing Your Instruction with Technology and Techniques for Engaged Learning


As more and more faculty provide their content online for students, they also expect more than the traditional lecture. One of these positive effects reported by educators is the increased intensity of student engagement that occurs when technology is integrated or used to enhance a course, particularly in online environments. Technology, design and creativity can all be used create and present content and instruction that is interesting and relevant to students.

This recorded presentation will discuss ways that facuty can

  • Build rapport/identity in online environments 
  • Utiize dynamic syllabi and mini-lectures
  • Teach using multimedia

If you would like more information on any of the content presented in the video, feel free to download the following Quick-Start Guides:

1.  Dynamic Syllabi, Mini-Lectures and Student Assignments
2.  Teaching with Multimedia

Steven Varela is an Associate Director in the Center for Faculty Leadership and Development (CFLD). He is a UT Regents Outstanding Teaching recipient and a UTEP Distinguished Teaching Professor. He oversees the Creative Studios unit in the CFLD who work collaboratively with administration, faculty, and staff to support teaching and learning with technology.


Steven Varela
Center for Faculty Leadership and Development


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