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The mission of the Center for Community Engagement is to enhance higher education and contribute to the public good through community-based teaching and learning initiatives that enrich student education, promote civic engagement, and improve the community while capitalizing on the region's and UTEP's social and intellectual capital.

In this presentation, you will hear from several faculty fellows regarding their experiences with community engaged learning.

The Provost’s Faculty Fellows-in-Residence positions are intended to provide faculty members with leadership and administrative experience, while offering faculty perspective, guidance and vision to the administrative offices that they serve. Faculty fellows work closely with program directors on projects that help those units address UTEP’s mission and goals.

The main goals for the 2019-20 CCE Faculty Fellowship are to support the CCE to:

  • Expand and support the network of Community-Engaged Scholars through facilitating open SPACES (Spaces for the Promotion and Advancement of Community-Engaged Scholarship)
  • Provide capacity-building, mentoring, and service-learning opportunities for faculty and community partners
  • Establish and launch he Community-Engaged Scholarship Institute

Azuri Gonzalez, CCE Director
Dr. Elena Izquierdo, CCE Provost’s Fellow
Dr. Jeremy Slack, CCE Provost’s Fellow
Jennifer Lujan, CCE Assistant Director


Azuri Gonzalez
Center for Community Engagement


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